Wash Techniques

With this colour wash technique you will go a long way in regards to coverage.
In my first demonstration I used Cregan White as my base coat, and washed it with Margate.
In my second demonstration, I used Margate as my base, and Cregan as the wash.

You will need:
Kalkie Craft Chalk Paint, 2 different Colours
A paintbrush
Bucket of water
Small container to hold wash (plastic cup)

You can use the lighter or darker paint as your base coat.
In the photos I will demonstrate the outcome of both.
Paint the desired piece with the colour of your choice. In the first pictures, I used Cregan White as my base coat.
Pour the second colour you want to use as the wash, in a cup 1/2 way, and add water to it, spoon by spoon, until you are satisfied with the texture.
When your base coat is completely dry, paint over it with the wash.
In a straight line, gently wipe down the wash paint with your cloth, using a clean side, everytime you wipe it.
This will remove some of the wash paint, and create a beautiful effect.
Let it dry completely.
Seal with Kalkie Craft Clear Sealer to protect, and bring out the colour of your masterpiece.
You can paint the sealer on using a brush or sponge roller. Sealer instructions on page