About us

We are a family run business. We opened our factory in 2000. Since then we provided the public with the best quality paint, at factory prices. After years of research we were finally able to open a Chalk Paint division, providing the public with our amazing Range of Chalk paints. Just a stone trough away from the cradle of human kind in Krugersdorp you will find our factory. This is the home and birth place of the famous South African chalk paint brand, Kalkie Craft. Just like the history of mankind, this is where the magic of all the vintage colours of the Kalkie Craft chalk paint comes together and the creative journey begins. With this magical colours we take the old and forgotten and give it a new beginning. With our products you can give your friends and family a piece of art, made from a piece of your heart. That will also be remembered for years to come. Let the Kalkie Craft colours bring out the artist inside of you.

When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it. They just saw something.

– Steve Jobs

Our Products

A new list of all our products will be available shortly. Watch this space!

Chalk Paint

Kalkie Craft Chalk Paint will work well on any surface. It is easy to distress and create looks from shabby chic to modern, from antique to brand new, and finishes with flair. Our Chalk Paint has a beautiful matt finish and our colour palette consists of a variety of 50 beautiful colours. We are also able to mix any colour of your choice which consists of over 6000 different colours at our factory in Krugersdorp. Transform old furniture into enviable works of up cycled art. To make your painted piece washable seal it with our Kalkie Craft Sealer.

Dream Paint

Kalkie Craft Dream Paint is a water based paint. It is developed specifically for trendy crafters who loves transforming ordinary everyday objects into works of art. Our paint can be used on clean, new surfaces, and old worn down surfaces alike. It is important to make sure the surface you want to transform is dry and clean from dust, debris and flaking paint.


Kalkie Craft Sealer is a water based sealent, used to protect your painted items. Our Clear Sealer will enhance the colour of the Chalk Paint. The tinted sealers are the perfect product to create an aged, Antique, or Vintage look. It is easy to apply, and dries to a beautiful finish. Use our Gloss sealer on high traffic surfaces, floors and outdoor pieces. Use our Satin Sealer on low traffic surfaces. To create a Cloudy Effect with your Sealer – Brush your sealer in horizontal and vertical strokes. Our Sealers are available in 4 different colours (Clear / Brown / Antique Brown / Grey). We can also mix any colour of your choice.


Sometimes you need to start fresh – That is why we have a Primer in our range of products. We recommend primer for that old furniture you pick up along the way, or if you want to paint over a glossy or a particularly damaged piece, and you desire a clean slate to start from. It dries to a smooth white finish. It will block stains and bleeding from seeping through your paint, which can often happen with vintage furniture. Once primer cured, apply your Chalk Paint.


Texgel is the perfect product to use on paper, natural fibers or stiffened drapery in Sculptural effects. Texgel acts as a paint, glue and hardener in one. Texgel articles can be painted over with any acrylic, water based paint. It will not soften when painted, depending on the material that was used. It is available in various colours. With Texgel you can create timeless, unique art pieces.


Do you feel like you need a bit of sparkle in your life? Does your walls look dull and lifeless? Then this is the perfect product for your! Kalkie Craft Shimmer Paint will make any wall jaw-dropping gorgeous and add a beautiful Shimmer to your crafts and hobby projects.

Scumble Glaze

Scumble Glaze is a paint techniques Glaze, that's been formulated to help create special effects. It enables the achievement of a wide variety of specialized paint techniques by prolonging the drying time of the paint.


Kalkie Craft Metallic Paint can be used on any surface, to give it that extra Glimmer. You can paint it over our Chalk Paint range or use it on its own. A touch of Glimmering Metallic will turn any painted piece into a beautiful piece of art. Correct lighting that is directed to the painted areas, will further emphasize the magical glimmer of the paint.


Turn ordinary furniture into beautiful pieces of art with our lovely range of Gel Stains. Apply it on clean raw wood, so that the stain can penetrate deep into the grain. For the best results, wet the area with clean water, before applying the Smudge. Use one colour or multiple colours to create unforgettable masterpieces.

Texture paste

Kalkie Craft Texture Paste is the ideal product to add dimensional layers onto a variety of surfaces. To create a beautiful three dimensional stencil, simply smooth the Texture Paste over your secured stencil, using a brush or paint scraper.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

– Thomas Merton


Wash Techniques

With this colour wash technique you will go a long way in regards to coverage. In my first demonstration I used Cregan White as my base coat, and washed it with Margate. In my second demonstration, I used Margate as my base, and Cregan as the wash. You will need:...

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Sealer Techniques

For a beautiful ANTIQUE look, use our Antique brown, or brown sealer over the painted item. Seal small areas, and remove excess with a lint free cloth.

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Antique Technique

Materials: Unfinished piece of furniture (Like a bedside table, Aspelund, Natural) oil-based primer 3 colours of Kalkie Craft Chalk Paint Paint brush Stencil Small foam roller Cheesecloth or Rag Gloss Sealer Steps: Cover an unfinished piece of furniture completely...

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Show us your work

We would love to see your work.
Send us your pictures and tell us your stories, so we can post it on our website
and share your secrets and your work with other Kalkie Craft artist.

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Success does not lie in “Results” but in “Efforts”,

“Being” the best is not so important, “Doing” the best is all that matters…


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